Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Flinders CTS are a modern dedicated and validated facility, licensed by the TGA to store, distribute and secondary package clinical trial drugs. Adjacent access to Adelaide Airport facilitates swift receipt and despatch of shipments working closely with customs clearance and courier operators.

Supply Chain



Management of temperature controlled shipping is a major part of our service. Shipping within the Australasian region, the environmental temperatures can be extreme. Using validated packaging for refrigerated and controlled ambient shipments and a range of temperature monitoring devices, we ensure drug integrity and GMP compliance whilst in storage and in transit.

We offer:

  • Inventory management and reporting via SAP with Barcode Scanning
  • Full shipment track and trace
  • Controlled Ambient, Cold Chain, Frozen and Ultra Frozen storage
  • Storage solutions for GMO to PC1 and PC2 certification
  • Separateclean room for secondary packaging and labelling operations
  • Segregated caged quarantine areas
  • Dedicated storage for returned drugs awaiting destruction or return to sponsor
  • Restricted security access via controlled electronic access
  • 24 hour centrally monitored system for security and temperature alarms
  • Computerised data logging system for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • Constant on call staff access for issues and deviations
  • Robust business continuity plans